Blackberry 10 has just become the most unsafe mobile OS

imageBlackberry has always prided itself on the security of their operating system, but this was not enough to ensure their survival in the cut-throat smartphone market, especially with the massive app gap between it and the leading smartphone operating systems.

In a last-ditch Hail Mary pass Blackberry has decided to throw their legacy out the window, and have unlocked their Android emulator and are allowing Blackberry 10 users to download and install Android APK’s directly to their smartphones.

Unfortunately this freedom did not come with access to the Google Play store, the result being Blackberry 10 users who are using the latest versions of the operating system are getting all their software from 3rd party app stores filled with pirated Android software and the malware that goes along with it.

While the Android apps still run in a different environment from the “business” side of Blackberry OS, it seems rather likely that the majority of 3rd party apps Blackberry 10 users will be using will be Android apps downloaded from dubious sources, carried inside the firewall of the few businesses who still support them.

In one fell swoop Blackberry has both solves the “app gap” for their smartphone users, and destroyed the reputation of the company for security and safety for users and the companies who purchase their handsets.  We can only congratulate their genius…