Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was the first game in the legendary shooter franchise to introduce Battle Royale. What are players doing in it? Murder via packed up balls of spherical snow.

Much like Rockstar does in GTA Online, developer Treyarch has added snowballs to Black Ops to celebrate the festive season. The best part? Snowballs bloody hurt.

Picking up a snowball from a pile, which replaces your grenades, will allow you to overarm that icy delight right into your foes. They don’t do too much damage, just around twenty points or so, but after a few bullets are exchanged a snowball kill is a viable tactic.

killing an enemy with a SNOWBALL in BLACKOUT!!!! (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout)

Some of the snowball kills are remarkable, but maybe I just think that because I’m bad at the game. My favorite video yet depicts YouTuber GODSANDTITANS30 ps4 (catchy) taking on a crowd of Black Ops’ zombies. Not because it’s impressive, but because it shows just how goofy Black Ops’ take on the Battle Royale genre can be.

Compared to the sort-of mundane PUBG, Black Ops’ events are showing that it can walk the tightrope between zany fun and gruff military aesthetic.

Black Ops 4 is currently £59.99/$59.99 on Xbox One and other platforms.