Bitcoiners destroy iPhone 5’s on video in protest to Apple’s bitcoin app ban


7, 2014

Fuck apple. Long live cryptic urgencies.

Yesterday Apple removed Blockchain, the most popular Bitcoin app, from the iPhone App Store.

The app was also the last Bitcoin app there, after Apple started to systematically clear the App Store from the crypto-currency apps.

Apple has never explained their policy, but many suspect it is because they are not able to take a cut from any bitcoin transactions, unlike other transactions, from which they normally demand up to 30%.

In protest a campaign has been started on Reddit to destroy working iPhones on video, with at least 7-8 of such videos popping up.

While Microsoft has not made their bitcoin policy explicit, they have approved Bitcoin trading apps, so we suggest switching to  Lumia would be just as good a way to escape Apple domination.

Read more at here.

Thanks Shawn for the tip.

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