Bioshock 4 isn’t set in Rapture or Columbia


11, 2020

The in-development BioShock 4 won’t take place in either of the series’ previously used environments, instead opting for an all new setting.

Revealed through a job listing for developer Cloud Chamber that was picked up by GameByte’s Lara Jackson, the upcoming BioShock 4 will introduce players to an all-new setting within the BioShock multiverse.

“We want you to set the example, leading efforts to help us breathe life into a new and fantastical world,” reads a job listing for a new lead environment modeller.

The role asks for a modelling that will help the team “set the stage for a stunning narrative and systems-driven experience” by “create visually appealing, 3D models of natural and architectural elements based on concept art and/or photo reference while extracting the best / brightest details and exaggerating those to a point of caricature.”

That sounds very BioShock.

That’s not the only role Cloud Chamber is looking to fill for the upcoming BioShock 4. Another role available is that of the team’s principal combat designer to bring the game’s first-person systems into place.

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