Biomutant gets energetic combat trailer before May 25th release


26, 2021

Biomutant opens its preorders with a swanky new combat trailer that shows off a lot of bullet, bow, and big ol’ sword ballet. 

After getting its official release date after numerous delays a few months ago, we’re finally drawing towards that elusive launch period, littered with preorder bonuses. 

One such preorder bonus is early access to ‘The Mercenary’ a dual-wielding samurai-looking class that is set to be added later down the line for all players as DLC. 

If you’re not interested in the preorder bonuses, not even the collectors Atomic Edition at an eyewatering $399.99. There there is at least a new trailer to enjoy below. 

The trailer doesn’t show all too much actual gameplay, not with any hud in the way at least. As we only get to see snippets of the frantic energetic combat for now. 

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Biomutant is set to be released two months from now on May 25th, on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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