Bing Maps will now allow you to access traffic camera images in real-time



Microsoft is rolling out a new update for Bing Maps that will allow users to access the traffic camera images in real-time. The new feature comes just a month after Microsoft added route traffic colouring to Bing Maps.

The new feature will allow users to plot a route from Place A to Place B and Bing will show the traffic camera location with access to the camera images. The feature should allow users to plan their commute in advance in case there’s traffic on the road and in case of heavy snowfalls or rains. The Bing team said that this new feature should allow commuters to avoid heavy traffic areas and make necessary changes to their route in case of extreme weather conditions.

The feature can be accessed by going to The feature is currently limited and there’s no word on when it will roll out to users around the world.

Source: Microsoft

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