Bing Maps adds new satellite imagery covering 290 cities around the world


19, 2017

In partnership with Airbus, Microsoft yesterday announced the release of new Bing Maps imagery totaling 21,000 square kilometers covering 290 cities around the world. The cities included in this latest update are in Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan and Spain. Bing Maps team highlighted the below imagery,

  • Yellowknife is the capital of the Northwest Territories in Canada and is known for a long history in gold and diamond mining.
  • Cahors is the capital of the Lot region in southwest France and is the birthplace of the celebrated Malbec wines.
  • Dispur is the capital of state of Assam in northeastern India. Home of the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre, it is among the busiest tea trading centers in the world.
  • World famous for its leaning tower, Pisa in Tuscany, Italy is also home to many more architectural sights including the Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles).

You can find more such imagery on Bing Maps.

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