Bing Introduces New Timeline Feature, Helps Us Understand Important Events In People’s Lives

Bing timeline 1

Microsoft Bing team today announced a new feature called Timeline that will appear to the right of the search results page along with other Snapshot contents. This new feature called “Timeline” allows you to know the important events in the timeline of influential or famous people’s lives.

In the case of Henry Ford, we highlight several events of Henry’s life including his marriage and early career of farming and running a saw-mill in 1888, incorporating the Ford Motor Company in 1903, and his retirement from the company in 1918.

Another timely example of this can be found around Olympic athletes. In the case of Ashley Wagner, who is skating in the Sochi games, a simple search of her name yields a chronology of her career leading to this year’s Olympics.

Bing timeline 2

So far, Bing has indexed and generated timelines for about half of a million famous people and is adding more to the list. Microsoft is also looking to add timelines for people in like actors and singers, their movies and songs.
Source: Bing