Bing battles Google News with its own make-over

Back in June, Google redesigned their desktop Google News website. Their new UI has a clean and uncluttered look. And they adopted a card format that makes it easier to browse, scan and identify related articles about a story. Now it’s Bing News’ turn. Microsoft recently updated their Bing News experience that will help users in finding the most up to date and well-rounded information. Even though this update is not as massive as Google’s, Bing’s new experience will definitely help users in easily consuming the news.

With this new experience, when users search for certain trending news topics, Bing will now display a one-stop-shop of the latest top news headlines. Also, it will present diverse suggestions for previous trending articles which will help users in getting complete picture of how that topic developed over time. Check out the image above to see how it will look.

In addition, Bing News now displays publisher logos right on the Bing news results which will help users to easily see the source for a headline and short description.

On a related to note, Bing is now back with NFL weekly predictions. Along with predictions, you can also use Bing to get team overviews, league standings, and more.