Bing Ads Announces Significant Improvements To Location Targeting And Ad Scheduling


16, 2014

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Microsoft Bing Ads team yesterday announced significant improvements related to location targeting and ad scheduling. Find the list of new features below,

  • Ad Scheduling in 15 minute increments

    The wait is over! You can now target any day of the week and time window combination down to 15 minute increments, with the ability to set bid adjustments for these groupings. What’s more, your existing day/time targets, if any, are now seamlessly mapped into the new model.

  • Zip Code Targeting and Exclusion

    Located under Location Settings, you can now target and exclude at the zip code level (currently US only) via the web interface, Bing Ads Editor or the API. With this change, we have also increased the number of location targets per campaign and ad group to 10,000. Go ahead and give it a test!

  • Radius Targeting Improvements

    When it comes to targeting local audiences, accuracy and flexibility crucial, which makes radius targeting an attractive option. To improve accuracy, flexibility and the overall customer experience, radius targeting offers the ability to target a more precise geographical area. Specifically, you can target down to one mile or one kilometer, and can also combine a location target (e.g. city or zip codes) with a radius target in the same campaign or ad group.

  • New Geo Location Report

    We recently launched a new Geo Location Report, which provides an intuitive view of locations where impressions occurred. In conjunction with the old Geo Location Report, this helps you determine whether to expand your targeting to reach the interested audience OR narrow it down. Check out our blog post from May for more details on how to use this report.

Read the full list from the link below.

Source: Bing Ads

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