Bigscreen and Paramount to host traditional screening of Top Gun in Windows Mixed Reality

If you have gifted yourself a Windows Mixed Reality headset this Christmas you may be wondering at this point what to do with it.

You could, however, do a lot worse than enjoy a Christmas screening of Top Gun in a VR cinema, courtesy of the BigScreen app and Paramount Home Media Distribution.

They will be showing the movie in VR for free for 24 hours, commencing at 6pm EST on December 29th.

The movie will offer immersive sound and lighting and allow viewers to interact in the lobby.

“Bigscreen’s virtual reality platform offers a new way for fans to experience films in their homes,” said Bob Buchi, President Worldwide Home Media Distribution, Paramount Pictures.

“We’re excited to be a part of this experiment using cutting-edge technology to give fans a new entertainment option.”

The showing is available in USA and all major VR platforms are supported, including  Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, all SteamVR-compatible headsets, and all Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Showtimes are available at

Bigscreen will be showing more movies in 2018, and their app can be found in the store here.

Developer: ‪Bigscreen‬
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