Big news! Samsung finally finds a compromise between our hate for Bixby and their desire to push it

Samsung’s Galaxy S-series of smartphones have been near perfect since the 8th version, but there has been one feature which has caused a lot of opprobrium, and that has been the dedicated Bixby button, a feature which is both annoying and wasteful, due to frequently opening the much disliked Bixby digital assistant and Samsung actively resisting efforts to remap the button and re-use it for something more desirable.

Now the Verge reports that Samsung has finally found a compromise.  The company will now let you remap the Bixby button to open any app, but will still maintain a connection to Bixby.

If you remap a single click to Google Assitant for example, a double click will still open Bixby. Conversely, if the double click opens the Reddit app, the single click will be Bixby.

A long press on the button will always open Bixby Voice.

The feature will launch on the Samsung Galaxy S10, and will roll out to the Samsung Galaxy S9 as part of the OneUI update.