Huawei has been the target of a sustained campaign by the Trump administration to kneecap the once successful Chinese company, resulting in the company going from the second-largest smartphone distributor to dropping completely out of the top 5 list.

huawei out

There had been some hope that a change in the administration in the USA would see some let up on the pressure, but it appears this will not be the case.

Speaking to the Republican parliamentary group in the Senate, Secretary of Commerce nominee Gina Raimondo said she saw “no reason” why Huawei and other Chinese companies should not remain on the list.

This following on Raimondo earlier making vague comments about reviewing the trade restrictions.

The justification for the sanctions however appears to have changed. Rather than being concerned about widespread spying and sabotage, the Biden administration was more concerned about the human rights record of the companies, with Huawei, for example, being involved in facial recognition systems used to suppress Uyghurs in northwest China.

In her statement, Raimondo said she had already had discussions with the new Foreign Minister, Antony Blinken, on prohibiting the import of products if the manufacturers benefit from human rights violations.

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