Best Shopping List app for WP7

When searching for the best Shopping List app, I wanted something with a simple and easy to understand interface, a fast item input system, a good shopping list organization system, and a price tag of free. I found all these things and more in Smart Shopping!

Smart Shopping is available for free (or for $1.99 if you choose the paid version), and is the best app for helping with your grocery shopping lists. Adding new items to your shopping list is super easy thanks to the included directory of food items. When adding Tomatoes, all you have to type is “to” and Tomatoes are automatically suggested.

All of these items automatically have the food category selected, like tomatoes appear in the Produce section of the store. These aisle categories really help you get in, out, and back to your life faster than ever since you can systematically shop through the store by categories, not by alphabetized food names!

You can also add multiple stores with their own shopping lists. And when you add an item that isn’t already in the app’s directory, the app will remember it for next time and will also remember the food category you placed it in. When entering items, you can also check a box indicating that you have a coupon for the item, so you don’t forget to use it at the cash register.

In addition to that, when you’re in the store finding the items, you can edit the prices in your shopping list, and it will calculate your running total and even multiply the prices by your city’s tax rates (entered by you in the settings), so you know exactly what you should be paying at the cash register. This app practically has it all. You can even set up groups to share shopping lists between each other, in case you have one person in your house do all the shopping.

Overall, I highly recommend this app! It’s free, doesn’t have ads, and is really smooth! The only complaint is that the total price at the bottom of the shopping list doesn’t update as you change items in the list (you have to close the list and come back), but otherwise it’s fantastic!


Title: Smart Shopping
Price: FREE or $1.99
Publisher: Satorius Consulting