Best Auto Clicker For Windows - 7 Amazing Options

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Best Auto Clicker For Windows

The best auto clicker for Windows is the one that does its job the fastest and gets out of your way. An auto-clicker is a piece of software that automates mouse click patterns with a hit of a key on the keyboard. Basically, it allows you to create a pattern and set a key as a shortcut for it. It can be one of the best apps you ever install.

I’ve tested more than a few auto clickers when researching this piece, and these seven are the best I found.

Best Auto Clicker For Windows

1. OP AutoClicker OP Auto Clicker

If you’re seeking a simple auto clicker tool, then try OP AutoClicker. This tool allows you to record the mouse movements and save them. Then, you can repeat the pattern at the simple click of a keyboard key, or hitting the Play button. You can set a key to repeat the pattern.

Another method of using this tool is to manually set the parameters. However, that method is cumbersome. Personally, I use the custom options to set the initial point for beginning the pattern. The rest is recorded. However, if you wish to change the settings manually, you’ll have the option for the same.

  • Price: Free

2. GT Auto Clicker GT Auto Clicker

GT Auto Clicker is another simple auto-clicker software. It has an easy system for recording the screen and setting manual triggers. You can choose to start from the current cursor position or set the X and Y coordinates. Unlike OP AutoClicker, it has separate buttons for starting and stopping the process. The tool also has an added switch for toggling.

You can set manual triggers like the click interval, click repetition, etc. To change the default keys, click on the Hotkeys button and change the settings.

  • Price: Free

3. Auto Clicker – Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker is similar to other free auto-clicker software products in this list. However, it has a much better interface. It has a Start and Stop button too, but no toggle switch. You can select mouse coordinates by entering them manually or picking them from the cursor location.

The Hotkeys can be changed. You can also change the click interval, click options, and click repetition. In short, it has almost the same options as its rivals. However, I found that the interface was friendlier than some of the others on the list and encourages user interaction.

  • Price: Free

4. AutoClick Pro AutoClicker Pro

I rate AutoClick Pro highly among auto clickers. The reason is that with other auto clicker software products, you need to find the cursor coordinates on the screen. AutoClick Pro shows the coordinates of your cursor. The rest of the options are similar, but the interface is different. Even more, it allows you to save a sheet with the coordinates.

You can change the Hotkeys, the starting point, and repeating options. Keep in mind that the buttons for Start and Stop are different. I found myself having to remember different keys where others had a single button for both.

  • Price: Free

5. Max Auto Clicker Max Auto Clicker

The Max Auto Clicker has a few more additional options in comparison to other auto clickers. While the basics are the same, you can choose between the fast mode and slow mode. The key for Start and Stop is the same. Hit it once to start playing the sequence and again to stop it.

You may choose the click location manually or by adding coordinates. The Hotkeys can be modified. It has an autoplay option. Basically, the Max Auto Clicker software has a switch for every option. Before adding the values, you can turn ON the switch.

  • Price: Free

The above-mentioned auto-clicker software products are free of cost. If you look forward to paid applications, then try the following:

6. Auto Mouse Clicker Auto Mouse Clicker

The Auto Mouse Clicker software is a paid auto-clicker tool. It’s quite cheap and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. The software allows you to set the coordinates of the initial point for recording the mouse pattern.

While this tool uses different keys to start and stop playing the recorded pattern, the default values of the keys are the same. However, you can change it from the Hotkeys menu. You can change the Click interval, click options, and repetition.

  • Price: $0.99

7. Advanced Auto Click Advanced Auto Click

Advanced Auto Click is another auto-clicker software that allows you to record a mouse pattern and play it at the click of a button. While the Start button is an icon, the Stop key can be set through the Hotkeys menu. You can change the Delay time, Wait time, etc using sliders. The tool also presents an option to Autominimize the window when you’re recording the mouse pattern.

  • Price: $3.99

Frequently asked questions

What is a good auto clicker for Windows?

While most auto clickers available online are similar in function, I rate Auto Clicker Pro higher than others. The reason is that it offers a list for marking the coordinates, similar to an Excel sheet. You can keep a record of the starting points and use the information to your advantage.

Is there an auto clicker built into Windows?

No, there is no auto-clicker built into Windows. However, there is an option under the Ease of Access menu to Turn ON Mouse Keys. This option allows you to control your mouse pointer using the keyboard. You can set the speed and acceleration. However, since you still have to click, this doesn’t qualify as an auto-clicker.

Which auto clicker is the fastest?

While all auto clickers are fast, the GT Auto Clicker is the fastest. The difference in speed is marginal though. The reason is that this tool doesn’t have graphics or any sheet for storing coordinates. The speed of playing the mouse pattern is set by the user and can be changed on every software in the list.

Which auto clicker is safe?

Any software that is downloaded from the Microsoft Store is safe. Except for Max Auto Clicker, every app in this list is available on the Microsoft Store. Thus, 6 out of 7 auto clickers in this list are certain to be safe and vetted by Microsoft already.

Final words

The best auto clicker for Windows is one that’ll be very helpful for gamers, data entry professionals, and testers. I reviewed the best-rated auto-clicker software products on the Microsoft Store and otherwise. Mostly, all the options are similar in efficiency. But if you prefer a specific one from the list, please let me know in the comment section below.

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