Benchmark shows Windows 11 faster than Linux on Intel’s 12 Gen Alder Lake processors


13, 2021

Author Surur // in News

Both Microsoft and Intel have been touting optimizations made to Windows 11 which makes it perform better on Intel’s new 12th Generation Alder Lake processors.

We have already seen Windows 11 perform better than Windows 10, and now hardware site have tested Windows 11 against various Linux distributions on the same platform, and also discovered significant improvements.

They used the following platform:

  • Core i9-12900K
  • 64GB Corsair DDR5-4400
  • Windows 11 Pro Build 22000

On the 104 benchmarks Phoronix performed, Windows 11 won a clear 45%, and only came last in 23% of cases.

There is some evidence the little.Big architecture is leading to poor core selection and inconsistent performance under Linux, with the OS still to benefit from Intel’s new Thread Director technology that helps Windows 11 task scheduling.

Some benchmarks show such clear performance advantages on Windows 11 it suggests companies may wish to re-evaluate what OS their render farms run on.

Catch all the detail at Phoronix here.

Via Neowin

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