Belgium Yelo TV app now in the Windows Phone Store


15, 2014

Telenet’s streaming TV service Yelo TV has released a Windows Phone app.

With the app you can watch live TV, movies and series from Rex, Rio & Sporting Telenet. 

You can also arrange recordings using the built-in TV guide and manage your recordings from anywhere.

The app features:

  • At home or with Wi-Free: Live TV viewing to more than 80 channels, including from Rex & Rio and Sporting Telenet
  • At home or with Wi-Free: movies and series retrieval from Rex & Rio
  • Home: Review your recordings of more than 25 channels of the past two months, including Sporting Telenet
  • Everywhere Internet: you schedule recordings and delete your Digicorder
  • Live TV watching to base stations (and recordings): 5 time
  • Live, recording or retrieval watch channels from Rex, Rio & Sporting Telenet: 2 at each additional package of up to 5 devices

imageTo use the app you need Internet and Digital TV from Telenet, and have your Telenet login information. You can register the service on up to 5 devices.

Download the app and read more in the Windows Phone Store here.

Thanks Schizofarmia for the tip.

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