Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya thinks Switch UI is “crap”


1, 2020

Devil May Cry, Okami, Bayonetta and Scalebound creator Hideki Kamiya is known for being a no-nonsense truthful Twitter user, but this time takes the cake.

As a Director and Designer at Platinum Games, currently working on projects such as Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo, the developer has a lot of experience with the newest Nintendo product, the Nintendo Switch. However, it would appear the director isn’t entirely happy with it.

While the Nintendo Switch, and in turn the Nintendo Switch Lite, is a solid games console, its system UI leaves a lot to be desired. With lack of support for folders, wallpapers/themes or even an engaging design, many have been unhappy with the Switch Home UI. However, it works well, and it’s snappy speed is good for jumping straight into games.

Kamiya is one of the unimpressed, to say the least, fans of the system. Taking to Twitter, the designer wrote:

“The Nintendo Switch’s Home Menu is a piece of crap, all of the sh***y gigantic game icons are lined up in a row, but the rest of the games are tossed into a trash can called ‘All Games’… I wonder have they (the people that made the menu) ever played the Nintendo fan boys’ Switch?”

While rather vulgarly put, Hideki Kamiya is right. The Switch’s UI should at least have customisable folders. In fact, it should have a lot of features. What do you think?

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