Barcelona to ditch Microsoft software for open source software


15, 2018

Barcelona, one of the most popular cities in the Europe is now switching to open-source software by replacing Microsoft Windows, Office and Exchange with Linux, Libre Office and Open Xchange respectively. The city council is already piloting the use of Ubuntu Linux desktops along with Mozilla Firefox as the default browser. With this move, Barcelona city is planning to save money over the years by reducing software/service licensing fees. They are also planning to hire new developers to write open-source software. The open-source product will also be made available to other Spanish municipalities and public bodies further afield allowing them the opportunity to save money on software licences.

Back in 2003, the city of Munich announced similar plans to switch from Microsoft Windows to Linux on 14,000 PCs which were under usage at municipal government. After several complaints by end-users regarding Linux, Munich decided to revert back to Microsoft solutions. Read their reason for switching back to Windows and Office below.

The city’s human resources department (POR) is particularly critical of LiMux, saying that since 2006 when the POR started using LiMux and OpenOffice, later switching to LibreOffice, that “the efficiency and productivity of the POR-supported workplaces has decreased noticeably” – referencing crashes, display and printing errors.

“Even 10 years after the start of the LiMuX migration, the users and users of the POR are dissatisfied,” says the letter, claiming that, even after updates, LiMux and LibreOffice are “far behind the current technical possibilities of established standard solutions”.

I’m guessing we will see similar statement from Barcelona city council after few years.

Source: The Inquirer

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