Badoo dating service with 324 million users withdraw their Windows 10 Mobile app: Updated with official statement

by Surur
September 11, 2016


In 2012 we welcomed dating app Badoo to the Windows Phone platform. Then they had 150 million users, mainly in Latin America, Spain, Italy and France. In the last 4 years they more than doubled their users to 324 million. Windows Phone has not fared as well over the same period, and today reports that the company has withdrawn their Windows 10 Mobile app from the store, meaning it is no longer downloadable.

On enquiry their support said:


Thanks for your email.

Unfortunately Badoo is no longer compatible with your terminal. We launch new features continuously to improve our service, but it seems your phone is no longer able to support them. This means that you can no longer enjoy the experience of Badoo like you should. To continue using our service, we recommend that you access through the site through the web browser on your phone or your computer.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you by this change.

Interestingly while the app is no longer available on Windows 10 Mobile it can still be downloaded on Windows Phone. WP8 users may want to grab it while it lasts from the Store here.

Update: Badoo PR has reached out to us regarding the  unavailability of the app, saying:

I am a press officer at Badoo. I came across your article and wanted to provide some clarity.

You are right, Badoo is currently unavailable for download on Windows 10. This, however, was not intentional and we are working with Microsoft to resolve the issue. The Windows Phone community is important to Badoo and we are continuously working to provide value and new experiences for our Windows users.

Developer: Badoo Ltd
Price: Free

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