Microsoft’s Azure cloud service is their new growth driver, so it is a shame that it is constantly falling down.

Users have been reporting issues accessing the cloud service in a variety of modalities for some hours, and now Microsoft’s Azure status page has revealed DNS issues were the problem.

They write:

 Warning Network Connectivity

Starting at 19:43 UTC on 02 May 2019, customers may experience intermittent connectivity issues with Azure and other Microsoft services (including M365, Dynamics, DevOps, etc).

Engineers have identified the underlying root cause as DNS resolution issues affecting network connectivity with downstream impact to Compute, Storage, AAD, and Database services. Mitigation steps are being applied, and customers should start to see signs of recovery.

This message was last updated at 21:55 UTC on 02 May 2019

As Microsoft notes, while a full fix is not in place yet mitigation measures should mean the situation is improving slowly.

See the latest status here.