Aviary Releases Its Windows Phone SDK, Popular Apps To Make Use Of It Soon


14, 2012

As Aviary announced few months ago, it released its image editing SDK to Windows Phone developers today.

It features,

  • Redesigned SDK from the ground-up to take advantage of the Metro design principles of Windows Phone
  • The same, easy integration process: add our editor to your project in as little as 15 minutes, with just a few lines of code
  • Customizable color theme
  • Controllable output size based upon developer preferences — you decide what makes the most sense for your app or service
  • … Not to mention that Aviary for Windows Phone has all the standard features as the rest of our mobile SDKs

Another good news is that popular Windows Phone apps like 4th & Mayor, Rowi, etc,. are already working on integrating Aviary’s image manipulation SDK into their apps which we may see it in marketplace soon.

Developer can download the SDK at aviary.com/wp7 and read more about it at Aviary blog.

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