Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day has only just revealed its gameplay and release date, but now new details are afoot.

While the game has been announced as a four-player co-op game, developer Crystal Dynamics has confirmed the main campaign is a strictly single-player experience.

Confirmed in an article by IGN, A-Day will only feature single-player story missions. In the first mission that the IGN writer played, the game consistently switched between different members of the Avengers during an attack by Marvel villain Taskmaster.

Lead combat designer Vincent Napoli explained where multiplayer fits into the overall product. As players complete single-player missions, new multiplayer side missions open up that allow you to choose an Avenger and play with friends. Teams can only have one of each Avenger on a team.

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It’s a weird revelation: despite being touted as a co-op game at E3 2019, Avengers appears to be a lengthy single-player experience. However, with Crystal Dynamics’ pedigree in crafting solo-play campaigns, this news isn’t as surprising.

Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day releases on May 15th