AT&T’s low cost brand now offering the Nokia Lumia 620 for $179.99


Nokia has announced that Nokia’s well received low cost wonder, the Nokia Lumia 620, has come to AIO Wireless, AT&T’s new low cost brand that has just launched in 3 US cities (Houston, Tampa and Orlando).

The carrier, which specializes in pre-paid and SIM-only service, is expected to roll out into the rest of US over the course of the year.

The carrier offers 250 MB of data for $40 per month,  2 GB for $55 and 7 GB for $70, all on HSDPA but not LTE. AIO will  throttle speeds once you reach your data limit.

AIO is offering a range of devices, including the iPhone for $649, but for the more sane a Nokia Lumia 620 for only $179 probably makes a lot more sense.

The handset will initially be offered in Cyan, but AIO customers can exchange their shell for violet, yellow or green for no extra charge at AIO retail stores.

The Nokia Lumia 620 is available now on AIO Wireless here.

Thanks Arun for the tip.