AT&T “pleased” with Nokia Lumia 900 sales, but not willing to give specific number



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imageAT&T had their earnings release yesterday, and there revealed that they sold 5.1 million smartphones, of which 3.7 million were iPhones.  That leaves 1.4 million other smartphones, consisting mainly of Windows Phones , Android handsets and Blackberries.

The Windows Phone segment is likely primarily made up of Nokia Lumia 900 handsets, and it would have been great to have a confirmation of how many of the 600,000 Nokia phones shipped to USA in Q2 2012 were Nokia Lumia 900s.

Neowin asked AT&T PR directly and received the following response:

We are pleased with Lumia sales but are not offering a specific figure.

Interestingly even a conservative estimate of 300,000 Lumia 900’s sold is still an appreciable chunk of AT&T’s non-iPhone sales of 1.4 million, and one can imagine if sales grow more some crowding out of Android handsets on AT&T will be taking place.


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