Asus doing an Omnia competitor?

by Surur
September 13, 2008

This photo above has popped up on the XDA-Developer boards (originally the Asus forum) of an unknown Asus device. The Windows Mobile Professional device appears to have a WQVGA (or WVGA!) screen just like the Omnia. It also has a front facing camera, suggesting strongly that its a 3G device. Further specs, discernible from the picture is the presence of WIFI and bluetooth, and the use of a trackball as the D-pad. Expansion is via microSD, and sync via mini-USB. The device is clearly at least a Windows Mobile 6 device, as can be seen by the glossy softkeys.

Here is another picture of the back, showing a 5 megapixel camera sans flash.

If there is any more information please drop a comment at the end of the post.

Edit: Possible full specs over here.

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