Around 3 million Americans still hanging on to their Windows Phones

by Surur
March 9, 2017

There was a time when Windows Phones held around 45% market share in USA. That was obviously a long time ago, and since Comscore stopped publishing their numbers in April last year it has been difficult to know just how many Windows Phones were still in use in the USA.

Now in a surprise data drop Comscore has published a new update on the US smartphone installed base, and it is no surprise that the number of Windows Phone users have dropped dramatically since last year.

The numbers show in the 3 months ending January 2017 1.6% of US smartphone subscribers used phones running a Microsoft OS, down from 2.5% in the 3 months ending February 2016.

Comscore has decided to withhold the total number of US smartphone subscribers, but when the numbers were last released a year ago there were 198.9 million smartphone users in USA and about 4.97 million Windows Phone users.

The smartphone market has been largely stagnant since then, and using a rough 200 million estimate there would now be about 3.2 million Windows Phone users still left. At the height of the recent era Windows Phone users managed to struggle up to a total of 6.5 million users in February 2015.

With Kantar placing Windows Phone market share in USA at 0.8% in December 2016 we can expect the installed base to drop even further though with even Blackberry holding onto more than a million users we may never hit the 0% mark.

Are our readers one of the 3 million? Let us know below.

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