Arm announces the new Cortex-A78C CPU for laptops

November 4, 2020
ARM Cortex A78C CPU

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ARM Cortex A78C CPU

Back in May 2020, Arm announced the new Cortex-A78 CPU targeting smartphones and tablets. Today, Arm announced Cortex-A78C CPU, a new CPU built on the foundation of Cortex-A78, but purpose-built for next-generation always-on laptops.

Cortex-A78C highlights:

  • Cortex-A78C enables more homogeneous multi big core computing, with support for up to 8 big CPU core clusters. The octacore (up to 8 big CPU cores) configurations lead to more scalable multi-threaded performance improvements when compared to Cortex-A78.
  • The 8 core configurations of Cortex-A78C unleash the multi-threaded performance required for demanding workloads.
  • Cortex-A78C also increases the L3 cache memory to 8MB, which helps to further improve performance, especially for workloads with large datasets.
  • When combined with Mali GPUs, the 8 core configurations extend and enhance the all-day gaming capabilities.
  • Mali-G78 provides the graphics performance and battery life improvements to support the drive for more immersive gaming experiences on-the-go for longer.
  • Cortex-A78C provides updates for data and device security. One key feature is Pointer Authentication (PAC), which minimizes the attack surface to ensure data on the device is kept secure.

I hope Qualcomm will deliver next generation Snapdragon 8cx compute platform for Windows devices based on this new Arm Cortex-A78 CPU for better performance.

Source: ARM

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