Arcade title ‘Pix the Cat’ to be released on Xbox One next year


Developer Pasta Games has announced that they will bring intense arcade title ‘Pix the Cat’ to Xbox One after having been available for PC and PS4. The game stars the cat Pix as he consistently collects ducklings without crashing his growing tail into any obstacles. The game features four game modes, including The Arcade, The Nostalgia, The Laboratory, and The Arena. The game levels are described as a mix between Pac-Man, Snake, and Bomberman. Apparently the success of the game on other platforms is the reason that the developer decided to bring the game to Xbox One.

The description of the game is below:

“In Pix the Cat, you are Pix, the first cat in the world to play his own game! Progress in the Grid of Infinity, deeper and deeper through its nested levels. Hatch the eggs to stack up ducklings behind you. Drop them off at target circles to set them free. Avoid hitting walls and obstacles at all costs! Still with me?”

n the Arcade mode, make your way through the flashy digital levels, pulsing to a galvanizing groove that won’t fail to make your heart skip a beat or two! With art that feels dug up from an old attic, the Nostalgia mode is an adventure oozing with surprises! Each of the 70 levels offers a new skill challenge and yet another blister under your thumb! In the Laboratory, your results are measured by your number of moves. Keep them minimal while dodging dangers to collect the bonus stamp!
Finally, joust against your friends in the local battle mode hosting up to four PixBots!

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