Latest Bing update: longer chat length limit and Bing Chat-Edge sidebar conversation synchronization

April 8, 2023

Microsoft made another update to Bing, giving it significant improvements in different sections. Two notable improvements in the latest update are the longer chat lengths on Bing and the ability to continue Bing Chat conversation to the Edge sidebar.

With lots of new features being added to Bing every week, everyone tends to miss the other improvements Bing is getting. Microsoft, nonetheless, underlined these things in a recent update this week. According to the software company, Bing’s chatbot now has a longer chat length limit, allowing users to submit inputs like long documents in one go. With this, users can introduce more details and specific commands to Bing for each turn. Currently, the limit of the Chat is 2,000 characters. Microsoft still hasn’t shared how big the increase will be in this update. 

On the other hand, Microsoft said Bing Chat and the chat feature in the Edge sidebar will complement each other now. In this update, the company shared that you can “pick up a conversation in sidebar where you left off,” allowing you to shift between the sidebar chat and Bing Chat without losing the conversation context with the bot. Speaking of the sidebar, Microsoft addressed some issues related to loading errors, although it said that the problem would just be “reduced.”

The update came after some huge additions in Bing, including the rollout of Bing V98, which decreased the issue of Bing disengagement and response refusal. Recently, the software giant also tested a dedicated image generator icon in the Edge sidebar as the company continues to promote the ability of Bing to create images for users. Bing has also reached another app now, with Microsoft finally integrating the ChatGPT-powered Bing Chat in SwiftKey Beta.

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