Apple’s upcoming new iPad Pro has a mysterious new component


25, 2018

Apple’s rumoured iPad Pro has leaked a couple of times this year, but a new leak offers a look at what could be a major hardware change.

Courtesy of Slashleaks, a shot of one of the new cases for the new iPad Pro shows what appears to be a cut out on the back of the device. It’s not clear exactly what said cut out is for. The new iPads reportedly won’t have a home button (And if they did, they’d be on the front and not on the back.)

It has been speculated that the cut out is for a new smart keyboard attachment which would help prop the tablet upright when used in portrait mode.  This would allow users to use keyboards to interact with their iPads both in landscape and in portrait mode.

Apple is going to reveal its latest iPads this September (if patterns hold), and we’ll soon see what secrets that mysterious cut out holds.

Source: TechRadar

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