Apple’s high-end headphones may ship in 2019

Apple is working on a new set of headphones slated for 2019, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Several new sets of audio devices in fact, first of all, the firm is refreshing its AirPods and Homepod speakers over the next year.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s 2019 new Air Pods may cost more than the regular ones. They’ll be water resistant and have noise cancellation support. The firm might also integrate a heart rate monitor and other biometric features to enable more health functionality.

The over-ear headphones are a different model. They aren’t a product upgrade but a shift into a new segment for Apple. They are intended to be higher end than Beats headphones and are intended to compete with the high-end models of headphones which ship from firms like Bose Corp and Sennheiser. Unlike Beats headphones, they’ll be Apple-branded and marketed as a higher end kind of headphones in comparison to the already exorbitantly priced Beats headphones.

Bloomberg also reports that the HomePod will be updated as well, but nothing has been said regarding creatures other than Apple is has been discussing internally nether it intends to change suppliers away from Inventec.

Via Bloomberg.