Apple’s App Tracking Transparency may have given Android developers a massive leg up

by Surur
July 5, 2021

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Apple’s App Tracking Transparency initiative, which limits the tracking and targeting advertising agencies can apply within apps, may have given Android app developers a massive leg up, as advertising dollars shift from iOS to Android.

The Post-IDFA Alliance (a group of mobile marketing and adtech firms) reports that advertisers had already made a visible shift towards the more lenient Android platforms, over iOS, a mere two weeks after App Tracking Transparency was introduced.

The Wall Street Journal reports that prices for ad slots on Android apps have risen an unprecedented 30% above ad placement fees for iOS, as advertisers opt to pay for the platform they can accurately target their ads to.

There was also an eighteen-per cent increase in Facebook’s clients advertising on Android, while iOS ads fell by seventeen percent during the May-June time frame.

Advertisers had traditionally favoured the iOS platform which generally has a better-off demographic, meaning while developers may have had the majority of their users on Android, they tended to make the majority of their money on iOS, and therefore had little incentive to intensively support their Android users.

The shift in ad spending could mean developers have more incentive to look after their Android users, while the iOS platform increasingly moves to paid apps, and while iOS users will be rewarded with increased privacy, this is an intangible which consumers, in general, sell pretty cheaply.

via PhoneArena

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