Apple’s AirPods will reportedly gain water resistance this year


10, 2019

Apple’s unforeseen cultural phenomenon — its AirPods — are gearing up to receive another update this year. Apple’s third-generation AirPods are expected to launch this holiday season with water resistance in contrast to the previous two generations of AirPods. The firm may also alter the design a little more, just in case your AirPod toting buddies weren’t insufferable enough.

From the analyst’s note:

Lastly from a new product perspective, we are expecting AirPods new version 3 to be launched towards year-end ahead of holiday season with these AirPods expected to have some design enhancements and will be waterproof with higher price points.

Apple’s AirPods III have also been rumoured to come with noise cancellation enhancements, with Ming-Chi Kuo claiming they would debut with an all-new form factor.

In addition to the firm’s updates to its AirPods line, Apple has also been rumoured to be working on its own pair of over-ear headphones for over a year now. With the HomePod, this appears to be a rational move for the company as it further establishes itself as a tour de force in the personal audio market.

Via: MacRumors

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