Apple plans to develop high-end headphones



Apple’s AirPods were just the start, it seems, the firm is moving towards something else.

According to a report originating from Bloomberg, Apple is planning to debut its own pair of premium high-end headphones later this year.

They’ll be wireless headphones, much like the AirPods, and they’ll integrate with Apple Music and Siri. The firm plans t launch its products as early as this year, but might push them back into next year.

Apple has long since identified as a lifestyle/culture company and has worked to popularise its iPhones, iPods, and MacBooks as fashion accessories first, and gadgets second.

With its new headphones, the firm will also be capitalizing on its reputation as a music company, with iTunes and Apple Music remaining big businesses at the moment.

The headphones still aren’t concrete yet, Bloomberg speculates that Apple may yet redesign them — further pushing them back, or scrap them altogether.

As always, Apple declined to comment on the rumours.

Source: Bloomberg

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