Apple seems to have a huge plan to elevate the health capability of its Apple Watch Series 8. Various reports predict the arrival of the body temperature detection feature to the device this year, allowing the wearers to determine if they have a fever.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the feature will be tested by Apple first, and in case it is approved, it will be added to the said watch series and sport athletes’ “new rugged edition.” Unfortunately, there is a huge chance it won’t come to the company’s entry-level Apple Watch SE.

This temperature tracking feature sounds promising for all users, but Gurman points out that it probably won’t give the wearer the exact temperature reading. Instead, the sensor will alarm one by indicating abnormal body temperature and suggesting using an actual thermometer and visiting a doctor.

The other previous reports from The Wall Street Journal and Gurman say that the same feature could give way to the creation of fertility tracking for women, which will allow them to check the shifts in their body temperature that could indicate pregnancy or menstruation. However, while this additional feature is greatly related to Apple’s predicted primary temperature tracking, its appearance in Apple Watch Series 8 is still not certain.