Apple planning to add mouse support with the upcoming iOS 14 update

March 9, 2020

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With iOS 13 update, Apple added support for USB Mice to the OS. The “mouse” however is not exactly the traditional pointer – it simulates a rather imprecise finger, and does not appear to offer the traditional mouse features, making it somewhat pointless. The support has been added as an assistive feature rather than a productivity enhancement. However, this poor situation is going to change with iOS 14.

The upcoming iOS 14 update will add proper system wide support for mouse. The mouse pointed will automatically disappear after few seconds of not touching the mouse. Apple is also adding trackpad support in iOS 14 with support for macOS like gestures.

Apple is planning to release Surface Type Cover-like smart keyboard accessory for iPad in the coming months. This upcoming accessory along with the iOS 14 update will make iPad into a real PC alternative.

Source: 9to5mac

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