Apple becomes the first technology company to hit a $2 trillion market capitalization



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Apple market cap

As expected, Apple today became the first United States-listed company to hit a $2 trillion market capitalization. Apple is also the first technology company in the world to hit a $2 trillion market capitalization. Apple’s stock market rally started in the late March. From the lowest point in March, Apple’s stock value has more than doubled in just 4 months.

When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died, Apple’s market capitalization was at $350 billion. In just 9 years, Apple’s market capitalization has grown 5.7 times, thanks to the iPhone sales around the world. Back in August 2018, Apple won the race to be the first trillion dollar publicly traded tech company after it’s share price passed $207.04 a share.

For comparison, Amazon and Microsoft are now at $1.65T and $1.5T market capitalization respectively.

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