Apple sues to stop developers from telling users about alternate off-device payment methods

by Surur
December 6, 2021

Apple is under sustained attack by courts and regulators over its rent-seeking practices when it comes to the iOS app store, but the company is not giving up without a fight.

The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) recently ordered Apple to allow developers to inform users of alternate payment methods. This would for example allow Spotify to tell users that they could save money by going to their website to subscribe.

This minor change is not sitting well with Apple, which is appealing the order.

Apple is seeking a judicial review, reports RT, after the company already failed to heed a 30th September deadline. The company is currently facing a fine based on its Russian revenue for failing to comply, following an October action by FAS for non-compliance.

Apple is already appealing another $12 million fine for placing unfair restrictions on Kaspersky Safe Kids, a parental control app that is much less capable than Apple’s own version due to limiting the access of 3rd party apps.

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