Apple shamelessly copies Google Maps

June 4, 2019

Apple yesterday announced the preview of iOS 13 which will come with an all-new Apple Maps experience. Basically, Apple is going to add all the key features that are already available in Google Maps.

First, Apple is bringing the popular Streetview feature to Apple Maps and it is calling it Look Around. Similar to Google Maps, Apple Maps will now allow you to create Collections to easily share favorite restaurants, travel destinations or places to shop with friends. Apple is even copying the Google Maps launch experience. When you open Apple Maps, you will have your frequent destinations, such as home, work, the gym or school, so that you can navigate in a single tap.

Apple Maps now offers broader road coverage, better pedestrian data, more precise addresses and more detailed landcover. The new map is available now in select cities and states, and will roll out across the US by the end of 2019 and to more countries in 2020.

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