Apple settles antitrust lawsuit in South Korea with 100 billion won worth measures

August 24, 2020

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Apple is facing antitrust cases in various countries. Apple was recently caught red-handed by South Korea when it used its dominant position by forcing mobile carriers to pay for advertising and warranty repairs. Today, Apple South Korean announced measures to fix antitrust concerns raised by South Korea’s fair trade commission. Apple has decided to provide 100 billion won (approx. $84 million) worth of measures for small businesses, consumers and others.

  • Apple will remove “unfair” terms with mobile carriers.
  • Apple will discuss how to share advertising costs with telecoms firms.
  • Apple will offer 40 billion won to build a centre to support research and development for Korea’s small manufacturers.
  • Apple will offer 25 billion won to establish an “academy” to provide education to developers.
  • Apple will offer 25 billion won as consumer discounts on warranty repair costs and other benefits.

“The regulator will close the case without concluding whether Apple did anything illegal if it finds the proposed remedies reasonable after collecting public opinion,” reported Reuters.

Source: Reuters

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