Apple release iOS 15.0.1 with Unlock with Apple Watch fix, more

by Surur
October 1, 2021

Like any new operating system, iOS 15 has had its share of bugs, including an annoying one which prevented users from unlocking their smartphone with their Apple Watch, a very useful feature in these days of masks which renders FaceID useless.

iOS 15.0.1 includes 3 specific fixes, the first being the fix for the Apple Watch unlock problem.

It also fixes a much less significant issue – the unexpected start of workouts in audio meditation on Apple Watches for Fitness+ subscribers.

Lastly, it fixes an issue with the Settings app where a full storage alert was erroneously displayed for a number of iPhone users.

If you are having any of these issues, you can update to the latest public release of iOS 15 by checking for updates in Settings.

via PhoneArena

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