Apple’s upcoming new iPhones will feature flat edges like iPhone 5

April 13, 2020

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Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 12 series in September of 2020. We haven’t seen many leaks surrounding the device. Today, Bloomberg revealed some new information on the upcoming iPhones, check it out below.

  • Apple will release four new 5G iPhones.
  • The successors to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will have flat stainless steel edges as well as more sharply rounded corners like the iPad Pro.
  • The devices will have iPhone 5-like flat screen design.
  • Apple will release smaller and cheaper version of HomePod smart speaker.
  • Apple will release its Apple Tags accessory that will help consumers in tracking their things in real world.
  • Reduced notch size.
  • New processor with significant improvements to AI and AR performance.

Early this month, we reported about some key features of the upcoming iPhone. With the upcoming iPhones, Apple is expected to continue with the triple-camera setup. However, the company will finally add LIDAR 3D sensor to the Pro models. Apple is also testing iPhones with 64 MP camera and is looking to improve the zoom capabilities on the iPhone 12.

Apple is also working on improved Night mode, improved HDR and a Macro mode for the upcoming iPhones. The company might also increase the aperture on its sensors, with the ultra-wide-angle lens getting an F/1.6 sensor. Apart from the camera, iPhone 12 Pro Max will also come with 4,400 mAh battery, 120 Hz 6.5-inch display and 5G support.

Source: Bloomberg

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