Apple Music, TV, and Devices apps now in Microsoft Store as previews

January 12, 2023

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Preview apps for Apple Music and Apple TV recently appeared on Microsoft Store, signifying Apple’s dedication to keeping its promise to bring the apps to the platform in 2023. (The Verifier via MacRumors)

Apple wants to provide Windows users the ability to experience its services even when they are on Microsoft’s desktop system. Currently, users can do it through Apple Music? and Apple TV+, which are available via the web. It also has an outdated iTunes for Windows app, but the iOS maker wants to make these services for Windows users more appealing in its 2023 plan. With this, it brought the Apple Devices, Apple Music, and Apple TV apps to Microsoft Store, though all of them are still in a preview state.

In the Microsoft Store, Apple underscores that the apps are just previews and that their availabilities and features may vary by country or region. Additionally, the company adds that “not all features may work as expected” and one more caveat related to iTunes if users choose to install the app versions.

“iTunes will no longer open, and audiobooks or podcasts on this device will be inaccessible until a compatible version of iTunes is available,” the description reads.

As expected, the previews are only offered to PCs running Windows 11 version 22621.0 or higher.

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