Apple has filed regulatory numbers for more iPad models at the EEC this year, indicating that it intends to launch new devices. This brings the total number of mystery devices to 7. To be clear, these are SKUs and not all discrete devices. So we could have devices that are sim enabled, Wifi-only and so on.

As per The Verge, it has been speculated that these are 3 iPads, a 9.7 inch iPad successor, an iPad 10.2 and a 10.5 inch iPad.

However, Apple has already launched the 10.5 inch iPad as the iPad Air (2019). A 10.2 inch iPad on the other and would simply be a 9.7 inch iPad with Apple’s new bezel-less display, and so on.

By process of elimination, that leaves the iPad Pro successors and the new iPad as Apple’s last three iPads for the year. The firm will likely unveil these revamps either with its iPhone launches or even shortly after.

Via: Apple Insider