Apple may release Chromium-based Safari web browser for Windows



In the past, Apple used to release Safari web browser for Windows, but it stopped the development few years ago. Right now, Apple’s Safari web browser is available only on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. According to a new report, Apple might release a Chromium-based Safari web browser for Windows users in the future.

Recently, an Apple employee invited Chromium developers to activate the flag of Intelligent Tracking Prevention technology in the Chromium 80 release on monorail, the issue tracking tool for chromium-related projects. Below is the screenshot of his post.

He even posted a screenshot of Chromium-based Safari browser running on Windows, check it out below.

As expected, this post was removed on monorail after few hours. We are not sure why Apple wants to release its own browser for Windows. May be Apple felt that most iPhone users are Windows PC owners and their privacy is being compromised when they use Google Chrome on Windows and Apple wants to do something about it. Apple may try to promote this upcoming Safari web browser as the most privacy-focused browser available on Windows. What do you think of Apple’s decision to enter the crowded web browser market? Let us know in the comments section below.


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