Apple Maps will soon let you report accidents just like Waze



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Apple Maps is finally making an attempt to challenge industry leader, Google Waze, by adding the ability to report traffic incidents and issues.

The Verge reports that the new reporting feature has shown up in the iOS 14.5 Beta.

Users will be able to press the new Report button on the bottom tray and select the kind of incident you want to report, or report an incident via Siri, by saying “there’s a speed trap here” or “there’s something on the road.” The feature will also work via CarPlay.

Apple is late in delivering the feature, which ha also been available in Google Maps since 2019, and the feature is also relatively anaemic, with Waze and Google Maps offering many more categories.

While the feature is long overdue, Apple would probably need to do a bit more to win back Google Maps and Waze users to their native solution.

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