Report: Apple is already working on an improved Apple M1X processor


28, 2020

Author Surur // in Apple, News

We have been increasingly impressed by the performance of Apple’s new M1 chipset, which is an evolution of their A14 processor.

Apple is however not sitting on their laurels, and according to rumours are already working on the next generation of the chip, called the Apple M1x.

The new chip will use a Big-small architecture, with 8 high-performance “Fire Storm” cores and 4 “Ice Storm” cores for lighter tasks. This is up from 8 cores (4 of each type) in the Apple M1 processor.

The new chip is apparently heading to the 16-inch Macbook Pro, which may be a relief to Macbook buyers, given that the only difference between the Macbook Air and 13 inch Macbook Pro chipset was how much cooling it had.

The leaker claims their source said: “if you think M1 is fast, you haven’t seen M1X”.

We suspect, like their Macbooks, Intel and Qualcomm are sighing a sigh of relief that Apple does not sell hardware without an OS.

via Winfuture

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