American Heart Association says iPhone 12 MagSafe will interfere with pacemakers and defibrillators

June 3, 2021
Apple iPhone 12 Pro features

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro features

Journal of the American Heart Association yesterday published a new research report which confirmed that Apple iPhone 12-series MagSafe technology will interfere with pacemakers and defibrillators. Apple iPhone 12 series comes with an array of magnets that has the capacity to generate magnet fieldstrength >50 gauss (G). AHA concluded that Apple iPhone 12 can cause magnet interference on CIEDs and has the potential to inhibit lifesaving therapy.

You can read about American Heart Association’s methods and results below.

This study has an in vivo and an ex vivo component. The in vivo component consists of consecutive patients who presented to the electrophysiology laboratory with previously implanted CIEDs. The iPhone 12 Pro Max was directly placed on the skin over the pocket of these patients and the effect was studied by device interrogation. For the ex vivo component of the study, CIEDs from major device companies were tested for magnetic interference caused by iPhone 12 Pro Max through unopened packages. We found that iPhone 12 Pro Max resulted in clinically identifiable magnet interference in 3/3 (100%) participants in vivo and in 8/11 (72.7%) devices ex vivo.

Source: AHA

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