Apple has a new “You are holding it wrong” problem

by Surur
July 21, 2021

Apple’s long-promised Magsafe battery for the iPhone 12 recently went on sale, with deliveries starting over the last few days.

In the hands of consumers, all kinds of unexpected issues are showing up, such as potentially turning your phone into a projectile when you switch it on and off.

It appears when pressing the side button with the Magsafe Battery installed may cause your phone to come loose from the battery, likely falling.

The issue, discovered by Quinn Nelson,  is caused by the battery being rather thick, meaning that it is difficult for shorter fingers to reach around and secure the phone from the other side.

The issue is compounded by the slow charge rates of the battery, meaning users will likely have to spend many hours with their phone attached to the accessory.

Pictures posted by  Steven Russell reveal that Apple has been rather creative when taking their marketing pictures of the device, with the pictures hiding the real girth of the battery pack.

It appears consumers should be rather careful about not holding their phone wrong when the battery is attached or at least make sure you have Apple Care.

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